What is cryptocurrency trading platform?

A trading platform is a system through which a client (trader) has the ability to trade with his account without going to the exchange

The trading platform consists of a client interface and a server part that tranfers data with the cryptocurrency exchange

The advantage of using the trading platform :

  • Creation of limit orders without reservation of funds on the balance of the exchange
  • Simultaneously set Stop-loss and Take Profit for each transaction
  • Indicators of technical analysis for all pairs in real time
  • Convenient trading history, calculation of Profit / Loss in BTC and USD and a diary of a trader
  • Simultaneous management of multiple accounts from one place

Trading platform features

In the modern world, time and convenience are valued most highly. This includes services and platforms for trading. Why would an ordinary trader use a trading platform for daily operations, if he can do all this on the exchange? The fact is that using the trading platform gives the user a number of advantages: the client really saves time, gets a user-friendly interface and a reliable system that helps to trade and increase the deposit.

What advantages does the user get?
The biggest and most obvious plus is that the trading platform does not block funds on the exchange, which allows create an unlimited number of limit (pending) orders. This is undoubtedly convenient, since the transaction is created only when the same conditions for its creation. In addition, on the trading platform the trader can set StopLoss and TakeProfit orders simultaneously, which can not be done on the stock exchange. It turns out that the trading platform automates many processes, freeing the user precious time.

What are the requirements for a good trading platform?
A good trading platform should be primarily safe. As trade goes through the user interface using API keys, then the security level of such a platform should be the highest. In addition to a high level of security, such a platform should be easy to use, so, the client should be able to trade from any device: desktop / mobile.

A good trading platform is
convenience, safety and reliability!

Myths about trading platforms

Trading platform can merge all my deposit

Using the trading platform is absolutely safe. The system can not make transactions without your order.

My API keys can be stolen

All API keys are stored in encrypted form on a remote server, which excludes their theft or unauthorized use

Using a platform is expensive

The benefits that the trading platform brings are much higher than the payment that the customer pays

Which exchanges support the trading platform ?

To date, the trading platform supports the Binance and Bittrex exchanges all available crypto-currency pairs on them.