Cyptocurrency trading platform

CryptoWolf Trade makes cryptocurrency trading more easy and successful using automation power

Using our trading platform you will be able to:

  • Create limit orders without funds freezing on the exchange;
  • Create Stop-loss and many Take Profit orders at the same time;
  • Sell all your altcoins by pressing Panic Sell button or cancel order leaving alcoins on the exchange;
  • Check your Profit/Loss in BTC & USD in real time;
  • Trade on many exchanges at the same time: Binance, Bittrex supported

Platform advantages

Unlimited number of orders, since the system doesn’t remove funds from the order book until the market price has met.

Trading bot monitors your orders’ status in real time. The system displays your profit/loss ratio at all times.

Trading platform scans the market and helps to find most profitable pair.

The panic-sale feature. You can sell your currency at any moment no matter what predetermined parameters your order has.

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Platform cusomers F.A.Q.

How much do I have to pay for using the trading platform?

Our Trading platform is completely FREE until we're in Beta. Futher information you will find in your user interface.

Is the trading bot able to withdraw funds from my account on the exchange?

No, it’s not as our trading bot doesn’t have this feature. It’s just not permitted to withdraw your funds and is only able to buy and sell. For more protection, when obtaining your API keys on the exchange you can select the option of preventing funds’ withdrawal using an API key.

Is it possible that the trading bot executes a losing trade andso makes me take a big loss?

When creating an order, a maximum stop loss is always set. It determines the limit at which the trade is not allowed to be made. The bot is scanning crypto rates in real time and in case the market is falling, it immediately sells your assets, thus protecting you from possible losses.

What exchanges are supported by crypto trading platform?

At the moment our crypto trading platform is supporting Binance and Bittrex